Leave to us attendance problems on Attendance Fingerprint (Smartphone Attendance)

Save your time to
using Attendance Fingerprint System

Manage user in
One Place

Ease of controlling
the presence of your users

More than attendance
create events, shift time

Report Page On Attendance

Report page is equipped with overtime, late time, and many more. There are also colors that indicate a certain time, for example red late. Easy to read reports.

Draw On Map of your School or Office!

Draw the location of the office or school on the map, so that when employees or students attend they cannot do it outside the area you have drawn. This prevents them from fake attendance.

Add Specific Events, Yes!

Adding events during office, school events, you can do. You can create, edit, delete, or even drag and drop events to specific dates. Equipped with an attractive and fast Full Calendar because it is integrated with the API.

Dashboard Page

You can see attendance data, or upcoming and ending events on the Dashboard. See who is late and present on the day.

Export Attendance Data

It is possible to export attendance data to several files, PDF, CSV, Excel and even print. Everything is easy to do and user friendly.

Shift Time Settings

In your place (office or school) are there several shift times? This system works well through shift time. This system supports attendance counting for 24 hours. Starting work at night and checking out the next day is no problem.


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Enjoy the app

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Pricing Plan

Adjust the price plan to your needs. Everything per month.

  • Max 3 Users
  • Max 1 Areas
  • Max 1 Shift Time
  • Print Data


  • Max 10 Users
  • Max 3 Areas
  • Max 2 Shift Time
  • Export to CSV, PDF, and Excel


  • Max 50 Users
  • Max 10 Areas
  • Max 5 Shift Time
  • Export to CSV, PDF, and Excel


  • Max 100 Users
  • Max 20 Areas
  • Max 10 Shift Time
  • Export to CSV, PDF, and Excel

*You can try the free version and it's free forever. If you buy paid you will be billed every month.
You can cancel at any time, when payment is due.

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